Tuesday, March 16, 2010

... Simple Things ...

Sometimes it's good to slow down,
And listen to the hum of the world.

It's a weight off the shoulders,
A lighter feeling,
When one considers the simple things in life.

I stop and smell the roses. LITERALLY.
I watch that noisy miner outside my window until it pulls a wriggly worm from the earth,
And devours it whole.
I watch and wait patiently until my kitty has finished licking her paw and washing her face,
before giving her a pat and a scratch behind the ears.

Simple things.
Captured in a simple ring.

With a simple bezel setting,
Plain round ring band,
And the deepest red garnet cabochon you have ever seen.

Hand formed, shaped, soldered, polished and set.
Sterling silver.

With all my love.

So you can enjoy the simple things, too.

Available in my etsy and madeit shops this evening.

Happy Day!


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