Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To My Fellow Jewellers and Artisans...

... a poem ...

"For the times when we sit at our workbench,
touch the cool silver
and let it warm in our hands
pound our hammers
to the beating of our hearts
and feel our souls burn
a thousand

                                                                                     by Mariann Monika

I wrote this poem a little over a month ago.
I can't remember the last time I wrote a poem.
This one was written on a whim after I received an email from Lark Books
to say that my submission for their '30 Minute Rings' project had been accepted.


A big thank you to fellow jeweller
for kindly posting about this project on her blog.
I send you a big THANK YOU and *hugs* across the oceans and the continents,
I could not have done this without having found you and followed your blog.
My achievements in life have been few and far between,
but you have helped me realise that anything is possible!
 ...Thank you, Valerie!

'Rough & Smooth' 
Reticulated Sterling Silver Ring

... though the day is dreary,
there's a smile on my face ...

Happy Day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mookaite Earrings

... the first of many!

I am excited to say that a series is born,
each one handcrafted from sterling silver wire and sheet,
and oxidized
for a rustic finish
and adorned with mookaite beads.

Mookaite originates from right here in Australia,

From the very heart of this Great Southern Land.
It is mined near Mooka Creek at a place called Gascoyne Junction,
about 600 miles north of Perth in Western Australia.

Australian Outback Mining,
owned and operated by Glenn Archer,
mines mookaite and many other gemstones,
minerals and fossils in Western Australia.
I am delighted to have found his website.

I am astounded and uplifted by the many
and colourful stones that are mined right here in Australia.

Mookaite is so very reminiscent of the rich, red earth that envelops this sunburnt country.
It sticks in your pores
and doesn't let go of your heart,
it simmers beneath the midday sun
and keeps you warm as the sun sets and the stars sparkle in the midnight sky.

I adore mookaite.
It is the landscape of the Australian outback,
captured in a stone.

Happy Day!
- Mariann -

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday Motivation

I worked through the night last night.
Motivation carried me.

This is what I (almost) finished

The night crept up so silently,
I didn't realise how late it was
when I reached for my hammer.
Alas, the sleepy sun had retired,
and so had my neighbours,
so I didn't want to wake them with my tinkering.

The hammering will have to wait until tonight,
The solder joins will be cleaned up,
the patina reapplied,
all the components will be put together,
the mookaite jasper beads will be attached,
and a new pair of earrings will be born.

The most time consuming part was hand fabricating the jump rings,
and soldering them to make the chain.
I wouldn't change this for the world, though.

I love handmade,
I love making handmade.

My oh my! Did those leaves turn out pretty!
I just have to make more,
I just can't get enough!

Happy Day!
... once again!


- Mariann -

Monday, May 10, 2010

I dreamt I was drowning...

... the waves crashed through the window,
I ran up the stairs.
I felt the house slipping,
down with the torrent of waters,
and the muddy earth that had given way.

It really does feel that way at the moment.
Like I'm drowning in water,
being pulled down
into the deep,
When I triumphantly reach the surface,
there's no triumph at all.
Just a wishful gasp for fresh air,
that is in fact thick and stale.

My bones are heavy,
creaking under the weight of the world.

(When did earth's gravity decide to pull with thrice the force?)

My marrow is replaced with lead,
My muscles struggle to move me.
I can hear the creaks and groans within.

(I hope I don't fall apart)

There are so many things I yearn to do.

...there never seems enough time.

- Mariann -

...there are still gems in my pocket...