Monday, March 1, 2010

First Things First...

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Mariann and I am a jeweller.

(I love the way that sounds! My heart goes thumpity-thump!)

I'm a rockin' receptionist by day,
Jeweller extraordinaire by night!

I live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne
(where there's four seasons in a day and the summers are hot)
with my darling fiance, our two lovely kitties
and a bright red fighter fish called Nitro.

My workshop is my sanctuary where I create the designs I've dreamed up during the day.

My profile from my MadeIt and Etsy shops sums up
what I love to do:

Sometimes I think the Lord was sitting at His jeweller's bench when He created me.
He placed two shining green emeralds as my eyes,
pure spun gold as my hair,
platinum for my pearly complexion and a heart of silver,
passionate, kind and creative.

Ever since I was a child I was drawn to the shiny,
precious gems my mum wore
on her fingers,
on her neck
and ears.

This was confirmed to me as my one true passion when
Metals was offered as a subject in high school.
It seemed natural to take the path towards studying
an Advanced Diploma in
Engineering - Jewellery Technology
at TAFE in Melbourne, Australia.
They were the best years of my life,
spent with the most inventive students and
teachers that taught with flair and inspiration.
I developed my design skills into
shapes and colours.
My mind forever spinning with designs,
my eyes never resting
as they attend to the minute details while I
create and forge
and solder and sawpierce
and set and polish.

Perfection is my motivation as I enjoy the process of making each
piece of jewellery.
It is my happy place,
my comfort zone
when I come home to my little jeweller's bench
after a full day's work.
I try to imagine the lovely person that comes to treasure the pieces I am making,
and I see them,
with a smile on their face and the sun in their hair as they wear my unique creation,
feeling as much joy as I did
when I made it.

Happy Day!


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