Monday, November 29, 2010

The Pollen Series...

... truly organic ...

My mind is so mechanical.
Observing the symmetry of life.
Calculating angles,
and dimensions.

But I can't help but be influenced by the organic,
side of nature.
As such, my pollen series earrings emerged.

Oxidised sterling silver, dyed coral, quartz
and some with glass beads.

Listing in the shops midweek.

- Mariann -

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Wedding

 Damascus Steel, 9ct White Gold, Diamonds

 The Kiss

 My niece and our family friend's little boy

Signature canvas
courtesy of Lee from Lily-Lee Gallery and Studio

I am still speechless.
The perfect wedding can do that, you know!

A big thank you to Jonathan from
for our amazing photos
Home of the 2010 JBWere Masters


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Road Trip to Kyabram

I love a good old fashioned road trip.

I stare out the window,
and have only a few words to say,
as I'm lulled by the scenery that speeds past the car window.
Country Victoria is so green at the moment, rather than the parched, sandy fields that I recall from childhood weekend holidays.
It is a welcome change and so refreshing to be heading into summer with the blessing of an abundance of spring showers.

The sheep and cows were so fat and healthy.
All the dams were full to the brim.

A delightful day.

We stopped in at Shepparton on the way home from Kyabram.

'Mooving Art' Sculptures in Shepparton.

A delightful day,


Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Hungarian Heritage

You find yourself.

Before you even knew you were lost.

And a new chapter opens.
But a page is taken from the chapters that came before.

This is where I find myself.
Looking to my past,
and finding a new path to a brighter future.

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.
Surrounded by chickens and grape vines and nettle leaves.
Tapestry hung from the walls, with decorated plates adorned with colourful folk art flowers.

I step back to these childhood memories,
and leap forward to the designs swirling in my head,
flowing out onto paper,
being filed and soldered into the jewellery I am creating now.

Folk art tapestry of old,
created with sterling silver and stones.

From a part of me
I hope you can cherish, too.

- Mariann -

Monday, November 1, 2010

Marianna's Day

Today is the Hungarian Name Day for Marianna.

All the days in the calendar have a name for them in Hungary.
Name Days are often celebrated as one would celebrate a birthday, with flowers and cake and big hugs from grandma.

And today, it's my Name Day.

(Simon and I - dancing a traditional Hungarian dance on our wedding day. Oh, how I love my man!)