Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gems in my Pocket...

So I guess you're wondering if I really DO have gems in my pocket?...

..well, in a word, YES!

I carry gems, already set in lovely pieces of jewellery, in a sturdy box in my bag.
Every day.
Without fail.
I show them to my friends and colleagues.
I look at them and draw inspiration from them.
I sometimes have cabochons and faceted stones with me too so I can stare at their beauty and devise a new piece of jewellery to make.

But there's also another reason I carry gems in my pocket.

The little courtyard at work that has recently been landscaped provides an excellent opportunity for me to photograph my newly finished jewellery (during my break times of course!) and have them ready for listing in my etsy and madeit shops.

During the winter months when it's dark before I leave for work and even darker on my drive home, I'll be able to photograph my new items during the day (provided it's not raining!) instead of waiting until the weekend when I'm at home during the short daylight hours.

So there we have it!
I really DO have gems in my pocket!
Kinda like a walking, talking pirate's treasure chest!

Here's a photo I took in the courtyard today ...

... and these cute little bunnies will be in my etsy and madeit shops tonight!

Happy Day!

Mariann Monika


  1. I love the bunnies and how they're in different postures.

  2. One of the ladies in my class is actually moving to Australia right after class. I'll have to ask her which part.

  3. Hi Valerie!

    I hope she comes to Melbourne!
    It's lovely here, although it's raining this very moment, but give it about an hour and it's sure to fine up!