Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "30 Minute Ring" Challenge

For all my fellow jewellers and friends of the crafty kind, you'll be pleased to know that Lark Books is currently taking submissions from jewellers for their new book in the '30 Minute' series.

This book will be focused on rings that can be made within 30 minutes, and as you know, I'm always up for a challenge!

I decided on my
'Rough & Smooth' ring design for this challenge, and with the help of my lovely hubby-to-be (who kindly took photos while I was feverishly making the ring) I rolled up my sleeves, found some elbow grease and got cracking at making it in 30 minutes flat!

All was going well, until it came time to rivet the ring to close it shut.

ALAS! My rivet with the rivet head formed and ready to go was nowhere to be found!

It must have dropped on the floor, and, being such a tiny little thing I wasn't able to find it!

So, with a sunken heart, I quickly got to work making another one.

This put me behind schedule, as did waiting for the acid pickle to work its magic on removing the flux following the reticulation process, so it was back to the drawing board... with a great solution to my woes!

I've now got a little container to put my tiny bits & pieces in so they don't get lost...

AND I've realised that reticulation doesn't require flux at all! Therefore no more waiting around for the acid pickle to remove the flux!


Below are the pics and the processes in making my 'Rough & Smooth' Ring:

(images and design are copyright)

...sawpiercing the sterling silver band...

...reticulation of the sterling silver using my torch to melt the surface...

...forming the rivet head on sterling silver wire...

...filing and polishing...

...forming the band into a ring...

...securing the flush rivet... finishing touches...

...and it's finished!...

I'll be doing the whole process again and making another ring tonight, without losing the little rivet and minus the flux and acid pickle!
Be sure to have your fingers crossed for me and I'll post the results tomorrow!

...until then...
Happy Day!


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