Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Ring Setter's Clamp...

The greatest little gadget, and perfect for setting my 'Embrace' rings!

I found this one from an Australian seller on eBay. Great price and overnight shipping for free!

It contains the ring holder and different sized plastic pieces to fit inside a variety of ring sizes.

The tapered fitting on the right fits inside the plastic parts and expands it to secure your ring for setting.

It's just perfect for wide-band rings!

As long as the ring band is not too thick, it will hold it nice and tight for stone setting.

So far, I have been using my ring mandrel for setting stones on these wide band rings.
It was so awkward and the ring kept slipping off, my hands got sore from holding the ring in place and the ring band got bent out of shape with the force of setting the stone and I ended up with a frown on my face!

Here is the lucky ring next in line for the royal treatment of being set with this handy new gadget!

sterling silver and blue lace agate

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

--- Mariann ---


  1. It is pure joy having the right tool for the job! I think it allows you to do your best work.

    Once your ring is attached to the clamp, do you then put the clamp in a vise?

    Thanks for sharing, Mariann - I appreciate it!


  2. Hi Susan!

    It has a wooden handle, slightly curved, so it can be held by hand or put in a vice.
    I don't have a vice, so I hold it up against my sturdy bench peg instead.
    I can't wait to set the stone in the new ring!


  3. New tools are so much fun! Might have to keep an eye out for this one myself :) Look forward to seeing your ring complete.