Friday, August 5, 2011

My absence explained...

... I've been here ...

Mount Hotham Alpine Resort
Northeast of Melbourne along the Great Alpine Road

Laughing with friends,
Enjoying the winter chill to its fullest.

(I'm not ready for warmer weather just yet.)

So my absence is explained.

I've got lots to show you...

--- Mariann ---


  1. Oh my, yes. If you have to be absent, it's good to be absent at a place like this. You know... versus traffic school, jury duty, in line at the DMV. Skiing, hot toddies, cuddling, fireplaces, sooooo romantic. Enjoy and... careful with those bones. Specially those used for smithing!

  2. Hehe :o)
    My smithing bones are okay, but my bottom got fallen on a fair bit!
    I'm glad I snapped those pics of the mountains.
    When snowboarding down the summit you tend to miss the scenery!
    And speaking of DMV, I must've been in a hurry to get home and pack for this trip last Wedndesday, cause I got a speeding fine on the way home from work!! Can you believe it? Seven years of perfect driving and I get a speeding fine!
    I'll write a letter and see if they let it go this time, seeing as it's so out of character for me. Fingers crossed!

  3. Sorry about your bum, AND, your speeding fine. Yuk! Let me know how that works out. Where I live, I believe their reply to my request would be something like... "No." Too bad you can't bat your eyes in your letter.