Monday, May 10, 2010

I dreamt I was drowning...

... the waves crashed through the window,
I ran up the stairs.
I felt the house slipping,
down with the torrent of waters,
and the muddy earth that had given way.

It really does feel that way at the moment.
Like I'm drowning in water,
being pulled down
into the deep,
When I triumphantly reach the surface,
there's no triumph at all.
Just a wishful gasp for fresh air,
that is in fact thick and stale.

My bones are heavy,
creaking under the weight of the world.

(When did earth's gravity decide to pull with thrice the force?)

My marrow is replaced with lead,
My muscles struggle to move me.
I can hear the creaks and groans within.

(I hope I don't fall apart)

There are so many things I yearn to do.

...there never seems enough time.

- Mariann -

...there are still gems in my pocket...

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