Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday Motivation

I worked through the night last night.
Motivation carried me.

This is what I (almost) finished

The night crept up so silently,
I didn't realise how late it was
when I reached for my hammer.
Alas, the sleepy sun had retired,
and so had my neighbours,
so I didn't want to wake them with my tinkering.

The hammering will have to wait until tonight,
The solder joins will be cleaned up,
the patina reapplied,
all the components will be put together,
the mookaite jasper beads will be attached,
and a new pair of earrings will be born.

The most time consuming part was hand fabricating the jump rings,
and soldering them to make the chain.
I wouldn't change this for the world, though.

I love handmade,
I love making handmade.

My oh my! Did those leaves turn out pretty!
I just have to make more,
I just can't get enough!

Happy Day!
... once again!


- Mariann -

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