Thursday, October 27, 2011

Canon Photo 5

With the purchase of my new Canon EOS 60D, I decided to take part in the yearly 'Photo 5' competition.
I've always loved photography, and got a better understanding of SLR cameras whilst studying Jewellery Engineering at NMIT here in Melbourne. We learnt all aspects of jewellery making, right down to running a small business, approaching galleries, and jewellery photography. We used film SLR cameras and scanned our slides to create business cards. I loved it so much that I bought a film SLR with my very first pay cheque!
In all honesty, though, I'm extremely pained by having to wait for the roll to finish and the film to be developed.
The natural move was to borrow my dad's SLR for about half a year whilst saving up to buy my own digital SLR!
The recent photos you have seen here on my blog have been taken using my new camera, and the warmer weather and longer days will have me clicking away without end!

Below are my entries for the Photo 5 competition, and you can also view them here on the Photo 5 website.

'Macro' using Foam - "Simply Cellular"

The tiniest of bubbles are an imposing web in comparison to the garden of pollen within the stamen of a flower. I guess we're all simply cellular under the gaze of a microscope. Taken using a reversed 18-55mm kit lens, held steady by hand. It's a beautiful world through a macro lens.

'Through a Pet's Eyes' - Open Brief - "Shadow's Shadow"

Cats have a way of seeing things that aren't really there. On this morning I watched my cat, Shadow, with the sunlight behind her. Shadow's shadow danced as the sunlight drifted behind the clouds. I captured the light and her soft silhouette. I saw what she sees, when there's nothing really there.

'Panning' using Ribbons - "Spinning, Twirling, Dancing"

Childhood memories of ribbons in my hair and spinning, twirling, dancing without end.

'Low Light' using Sequins - "Night Lights"

A textured glass platter, sequins and candle light.
Reminiscent of city lights through a rain soaked window.

'Fast Shutter' using Powder - "Happiness"

As a child, I hid from the food fights and carefully skipped around the mud puddles. I refused to be a mess, and I missed out on the happiness in that moment of freedom where you don't care about the mess or having to clean it up. I guess I'm making up for it now...

Judges will announce ten finalists for each category on Wednesday 9th November. Voting opens soon after and voters have the chance to win a Canon EOS 7D Super Kit.
The winning photographers receive a Canon EOS 5D Mark II Premium Kit and a 3-day creative photography workshop in Queenstown, New Zealand with Jackie Ranken & Mike Langford.

Good luck to all the entrants!
I'll post a reminder once finalists are announced, don't miss out on your chance to win a prize for your votes!

P.S. Your lovely comments on my photography have been so heart-warming and especially inspiring.

Thank you!

--- Mariann ---


  1. Wow!! What stunning pictures. I especially love the flower and the cat's view. My husband has wanted to attach a camera to our cat somehow to see what he gets up to when he's out and about!
    It would be pretty hard to go back to developing films and also quite expensive. Best of luck with the competition:)

  2. Gorgeous, Mariann! These are really lovely. You are a creative beauty. (You could also add 'writing' to your list of creative talents.) I'm sending best of luck wishes and I look forward to hearing about the finalists and results. :o)