Monday, June 20, 2011


Making pretty things in stones and silver takes its toll on my hands.

I get so excited at seeing my nail polish collection.
I pick a color based on how I'm feeling,
or how I want to feel - as a reminder.

Green for Adventurous
Pink for Pretty
Orange for Hyperactive
Yellow for Inspired
Blue for Thoughtful

I carefully paint them on my nails,
reading a book as I wait for them to dry.

I enjoy a full day with pretty nails before I sit at my workbench and sand, file and buff away all the color.

Funny how my jewelry turns pretty as my nail polish wears away.
Ah! The sacrifices of a jeweler!

It's all very much worth it, though.
And I think you'd agree!

(Remove with nail polish remover, and repeat...)

--- Mariann ---


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