Thursday, March 3, 2011

Workshop Wednesday

I made some beautiful rings as part of
a new series a few weeks ago.

It's called the 'Ruffled Ring' series,
and here's how they were made...

Bezels and surrounding feature wires formed and soldered

Baseplate sawpierced from sterling silver sheet

Bezel and feature surround soldered. Ring bands formed and stamps cut out ready for soldering onto the base, along with the ring bands.

I use a flat head screwdriver for patterning the ruffled edges.

Ring bands and stamps soldered onto base. Ready for a dip in oxidizing solution to add dimension to the ruffled edges. I then set the stones into the bezels.

Below are the pretty rings from the 'Ruffled Rings' series:

Sterling silver and chrysoprase

Sterling silver and labradorite

Sterling silver and dendritic opal

Sterling silver and purple jadeite

Available from my Etsy shop here,
and my Madeit shop here.
The labradorite ruffled ring will be listed this evening.

I hope you enjoyed my Workshop Wednesday!

--- Mariann ---


  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I need to find some more tools to texture with. Love the screwdriver idea!

  2. Thank you!

    What with the price of silver these days,
    and not to mention jewelry tools,
    I figured it's a great idea to improvise!

    Works really well, too!

  3. Mariann, your blog and your work are delightful! I really enjoy seeing other artisans at work...I always learn something :-) Great idea about using a screwdriver for latest ring was textured by hammering a broken old pair of round nose pliers. I'm glad I never did get around to throwing them out :-)

    Wishing you a wonderfully creative week!


  4. Hi Belinda!
    Thank you for your kind words :o)
    I'll be sure to keep any broken pliers, too!

    Another Workshop Wednesday is coming up.
    My oh my the weeks go so fast!