Thursday, January 13, 2011

Water Rising On All Four Sides...

Queensland is flooded.

Relentless rains from heavy, gorged clouds have emptied on the northern state of Australia.

The extent of the flooding is devastating.
Whole towns are under murky water.
Fourteen souls have lost their lives.
Many more are still missing.

The Brisbane River is expected to peak at 5.2 meters. And 40,000 homes are already affected. Power has been cut, and those with warning packed up their precious belongings.
Others had no warning at all, as river banks broke their boundaries with the force of an inland tsunami behind them.

Livestock has been lost.
Wildlife struggle to survive.
Snakes slither to higher ground.
Crocodiles are free to roam.

Many of the countless families have lost everything.
Not all insurance covers flooding.

When Victoria was alight with raging bushfires on Black Saturday and 173 lives were lost in one day, fellow Aussies opened their hearts to help rebuild towns and communities.

It's time for us to return the compassion and pray for those affected by the floods.

Until the end of February I will donate 15% of all sales from my etsy and madeit shops to the Queensland Flood Relief Fund.

Please click here if you wish to make additional donations.
You can also visit for up-to-date information.

It's hard to imagine where one can go
and what one can do to escape,
when water is rising
on all four sides.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people in Queensland and northern New South Wales. Please keep safe and search for higher ground.

I know your spirits are strong.

You will get through this.

--- Mariann ---

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