Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To My Fellow Jewellers and Artisans...

... a poem ...

"For the times when we sit at our workbench,
touch the cool silver
and let it warm in our hands
pound our hammers
to the beating of our hearts
and feel our souls burn
a thousand

                                                                                     by Mariann Monika

I wrote this poem a little over a month ago.
I can't remember the last time I wrote a poem.
This one was written on a whim after I received an email from Lark Books
to say that my submission for their '30 Minute Rings' project had been accepted.


A big thank you to fellow jeweller
for kindly posting about this project on her blog.
I send you a big THANK YOU and *hugs* across the oceans and the continents,
I could not have done this without having found you and followed your blog.
My achievements in life have been few and far between,
but you have helped me realise that anything is possible!
 ...Thank you, Valerie!

'Rough & Smooth' 
Reticulated Sterling Silver Ring

... though the day is dreary,
there's a smile on my face ...

Happy Day!

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